Particular Passions

Particular Passions: Talks with Women who Shaped our Times

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"I have a tremendous passion for making a good exhibition. You’ve got fifteen artists, who’s going to be in the first gallery? The order in which you place the artists... you try to achieve... climaxes — something new is coming around the corner, it’s going to knock your eyes out...” — Dorothy Miller (one of 42 pioneers) in "Particular Passions: Talks with Women who Shaped Our Times"

Dorothy Canning Miller, curator of seminal exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art of her contemporaries, who went on to become the great American artists of the 20th century.

One of the reviews of Particular Passions:  “This is a wonderful book... The book is recommended reading for anyone — no matter what political or sociological background — who wants to know more about living history.” — Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Available at Amazon and Apple for $0.99.


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Gloria Steinem will be celebrated on TV tonight February 2nd, 2013, in a documentary. In Particular Passions: Talks with Women Who Shaped our Times, her “voice” was recorded in an oral biography in the late 70’s when the women’s movement was only just becoming a part of the mainstream. 

Today the book has been e-published for all platforms.

How fortunate that we can hear her tonight, and then compare her “voice” in the brief chapter from 35 years ago to learn about a historical time as it was actually happening.

You wont be disappointed. As one of the many stellar reviews said: "I have never enjoyed an oral history book more than this one." — Sojourner

The unabridged Particular Passions collection, along with twelve of some of its most compelling chapters (featuring the stories of Bella Abzug, Julia Child, Agnes de Mille, Betty Friedan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Tatyana Grosman, Grace Murray Hopper, Billie Jean King, Dorothy Canning Miller, Louise Nevelson, Gloria Steinem, and Diana Vreeland) are released for e-readers at Amazon and Apple. The chapter is $0.99.

Enjoy one chapter, two, and I hope you’ll read the book. The women’s stories will amaze and inspire you!


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When You Educate A Girl You Transform a Nation: A concept hundreds of years in the making.

Women are being transformed from gaining power by having visions and hearing “voices,” to marrying into power, to finally listening to their own inner voices thereby becoming empowered.

In 1412, a young 13-year-old, illiterate peasant girl, “Joan of Arc,” as she became known, heard "voices" which commanded her to aid the Dauphin, Charles and see him crowned as the King of France.

Joan of Arc at the coronation of Charles VII - Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Joan of Arc at the coronation of Charles VII - Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Catherine II by Fyodor Rokotov

Catherine II by Fyodor Rokotov

Three hundred years later “Catherine the Great (1729 -1796), came to power in Russia through her marriage to Peter III, following his assassination. "Under her reign, Russia was revitalized, recognized as one of the great powers of Europe, and often considered the Golden Age of the Russian Empire." — Wikipedia, summarized.

In 2013, six hundred years after Joan of Arc, women are able to rely on their own inner voice, due to “visionary” women like Gloria Steinem who dedicated themselves to feminism and other movements for social justice.

In Particular Passions: Talks with Women Who Shaped our Times, Gloria Steinem said “I think the revolutionary role of a writer is to make language that makes coalition possible, language that makes us see things in a new way.”

The oral biography of Gloria Steinem is available for $.99 on Amazon or Apple.

Particular Passions identifies 46 pioneering women from the 1920s to the late 1970s who helped transform women’s roles in society from the arts and sciences, athletics and law, mathematics and politics among many other disciplines.

"Every woman owes it to herself to look up Particular Passions—borrow the volume from your public library. Or, better still, buy it and put it with your favorite novel or poetry collection to sustain you. Every story in the book is an inspiration. This book is a joy and a tonic." — Pioneer Press and Dispatch.


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Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House, Fireworks on New Years Eve

Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House, Fireworks on New Years Eve

Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.  - Cavett Robert The New Year Celebration, heralded all over the world with fireworks, brings eternal hope for good things to usher in a new year. Why should a few minutes into this year change the way we conduct our lives. Good intentions are good, but commitment, discipline and focus are better.

If we haven’t lived a certain way until now, each additional year makes it more difficult. Is it within us to change? Absolutely. We can learn from therapy, "How To” books, and a lot of soul searching, but we can also learn life lessons from people who share their “secrets.”

Oral biographies, brief chapters, from Particular Passions: Talks with Women Who Have Shaped our Times, available on all e-platforms, will inspire anyone with nuggets of wisdom and are a bargain for $.99 and wonderful stories to boot.

As one reviewer said of Particular Passions:

"One of those rare, rare books that pick your life up, turn it around and point it in the right direction."  —K.T. Maclay

Check out a chapter or two or even consider the book:

Julia Child, whose love of French culture and cuisine brought a renewed appreciation for the culinary arts to America.  Amazon Apple

Tatyana Grosman, who founded a unique publishing house that elevated print making to a fine art, and nurtured the careers of artists who became giants of twentieth-century art. Amazon Apple

For more about the book: Particular Passions