Particular Passions

Particular Passions: Talks with Women who Shaped our Times

The oral biography of Tatyana Grosman, who founded a unique publishing house that elevated print making to a fine art, and nurtured the careers of artists who became giants of twentieth-century art.

“It is interesting to work always with the same artists. They grow and develop and give me a part of their life and development. That’s what my life is about. I never thought in terms of making money, but I wanted what I did to have a solid base, and then to build step by step.

When there is a crisis, I always do the same thing. I do nothing. I wait and then life picks up. I can’t say “It is better to do that, no matter what.” That doesn’t exist. It is very strange, but something comes along that gives me courage. It’s like an invisible hand and it guides me.

Then the responsibility comes. There are the artists, the printers, the curators of the museum... the journalists who have to write. There is a complete army of people who have to be stimulated, supported, so whatever happens... it has to be right, it must work by itself.”

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