Particular Passions

Particular Passions: Talks with Women who Shaped our Times

GLORIA STEINEM - a 21st Century Icon

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"It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction." Albert Einstein


Today, all our lives have been transformed by a group of women who understood and fought for women’s equality, not only affecting women’s lives, but men’s as well.  How can women who make up more than half the population, not be allowed to flourish as individuals, not be equally rewarded for their labor, and not be able to contribute to society.  We are all cheated. And as for a relationship between a man and a woman, how can it be truly satisfying if there is no equality.

It takes a special person, one with intelligence to see that life as others accepted it, was deeply flawed, articulate it, create a vision, and have the power to mobilize others to share and accomplish change.  That passion translates into leadership.

"There have been significant women in the latest women’s movement but a few stand out.  Gloria Steinem is one of them: as a social and political activist, and nationally recognized media spokeswoman for the women's liberation movement in the late 1960s and 1970s. She co-founded Ms. magazine. In 1969, she published an article, "After Black Power, Women's Liberation" which, along with her early support of abortion rights, catapulted her to national fame as a feminist leader.  She founded many organizations and projects…. along with Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan, in 2005, Steinem co-founded the Women's Media Center, an organization that works to strengthen the collective voices of women."  - Summary Wikipedia.

Born 1934, she is as passionate today about her vision for women’s rights continuing work as an organizer, campaigning for candidates and reforms, and as an outspoken commentator, writer and lecturer.

In Particular Passions:  Talks with Women Who Shaped our Times, Steinem said  “I think the revolutionary role of a writer is to make language that makes coalition possible, language that makes us see things in a new way.”

Of the book’s many glowing reviews, the Christian Science Monitor said, “Tantalizing glimpses into the lives of women who have not only made a living at their own “particular passion,” but have become well known, even world renowned, for doing work they love.”

Treat yourself to Gloria Steinem in her own words.

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