Particular Passions

Particular Passions: Talks with Women who Shaped our Times


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"Style is a wonderful thing to have because it maintains you through the way you behave, the literature you read, your life with friends, with children and with your family. Style is always growing and changing..."

— Diana Vreeland in  "Particular Passions: Talks with Women who Shaped our Times"

Embroidered velvet coat, Marshall & Snelgrove Ltd (retailers), 1895-1900, via Victoria and Albert Museum
Embroidered velvet coat, Marshall & Snelgrove Ltd (retailers), 1895-1900, via Victoria and Albert Museum

The coat above, represents some of the types of clothes from another era that Diana Vreeland brought to the attention of the audience at the Met.

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As one reviewer said of the book - "One of those rare, rare books that pick your life up, turn it around and point it in the right direction." — K.T. Maclay.

Fashion Week brings buyers flocking from all over the country to see what fashions are next on the horizon.   But we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it's not necessarily what is new that is more beautiful. The old and timeless can be equally exciting. At least in the arena of fashion we can be a tolerant society and recoginize there is room for both points of view.

I think I'm somewhat of the old school, because what was fashionable or beautiful fades quickly as new styles and trends rapidly replace each other. They quicken the heart of the potential buyer who sees "a must have" and keeps the economy running at a clip. There are designs though, that transcend time. The coat above, is one of them. I hope you enjoy the timeless and subtle elegance of this regal design from an earlier century.

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