Particular Passions

Particular Passions: Talks with Women who Shaped our Times

Billie Jean King – The oral biography from her days on the court.

Billie Jean KingLynn GilbertComment

"I do something because I want to do it, not because I feel a sense of responsibility. Sacrifice is doing something you don’t want to do. Yes, I get tired, cross, lose my temper, get ticked off, and sometimes I don’t feel appreciated, but as I told the women players when we started with Gladys and Joe, “If you think that we’re going to be appreciated ten years from now, I got news for you. You should get joy and gratification out of it now. You know that you’ve done it. If that isn’t enough for you, don’t bother."

– Billie Jean King, from 'Particular Passions: Talks with Women Who Shaped Our Times', the oral biography of Billie Jean King, who created opportunities for women on the tennis court and in the workplace, and who continues today to champion social change and equality around the world.

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